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Federal Court Stifles the Campus SaVE Act

In an important court ruling last week, a federal judge in D.C. ruled that the Campus SaVE Act can have “no effect” on Title IX. This was a critically important victory and an important first step on the way to ensuring that no sexual assault victim on any campus is subjected to second-class justice when she seeks redress in the aftermath of sex-based violence (sexual assault, dating violence and stalking.)

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An Open Letter To Harvard Law Professor Nancy Gertner

I’ve read your recent articles about campus sexual assault. I appreciate and respect your position as an advocate for accused sex offenders, but please stop using your gender and your status as a feminist to persuade others that you are also an advocate for women’s safety and equality. Indeed, contrary to your claim that you have fought hard to improve the law for rape victims, you have, in my opinion, worked hard to make things worse.

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Men Accused Of Racist Violence Have Rights Too

Last August, Columbia University released a new anti-racism policy and many academics are “horrified,” claiming the policy reveals a “cavalier disregard” for the rights of accused students. Remarked one, “I will never send my white son to Columbia.”

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Department Of Education’s Office For Civil Rights Rules Against Princeton

Title IX was enacted as a “civil rights” law for the purpose of guaranteeing women full equality in education, as well as protection from discrimination (including sexual assault), on par with the same rights that had already been accorded other protected class categories such as race and national origin. Despite this simple reality, Title IX was widely propagandized and misunderstood in society for decades as a “sports equity” rule for women.

The Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights recently announced that Princeton University had significantly failed to comply with women’s rights under Title IX with regard to its sexual assault policies. OCR’s analysis centered around whether Princeton complied with key components of “promptness and equity,” including the following

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Title IX Complaint Filed With United States Commission On Civil Rights

While Congress continues to propose dangerous legislation to weaken Title IX, Wendy Murphy is pushing federal agencies to hold the line on civil rights and ensure women's safe and equal access to education.

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An Open Letter To University Presidents About Campus Sexual Assault

On March 7 2014, you were granted unprecedented authority to engage in gender discrimination and explicit subjugation of women on campus. Bestowed upon you by Congress, the Campus SaVE Act (SaVE) provides that the redress of civil rights violence on the basis of sex should occur under less protective standards compared to civil rights violence on the basis of all other protected class categories such as race, national origin and religion.

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Why the SaVE Act Harms Women on Campus

Please resist supporting or seeking support from any group that lobbied for the Campus SaVE Act. It is profoundly anti-women's equality; it's overtly sexist and it explicitly segregates and subjugates women by requiring or allowing the redress of violence against women on campus to be subjected to less protective legal standards compared to all other forms of civil rights violence.

That women WERE equal under Title IX BEFORE SaVE (at least in the written law—if not its enforcement) for more than forty years and then became expressly UNequal in higher education in 2014 is outrageous, though maybe not surprising. Only when victims started speaking up did Congress slap them down by giving schools express permission to devalue civil rights violence against women.

For those of you who care about the fair treatment of women, please take the time to read the law critically, and read the lawsuit that was recently filed to stop SaVE so you can understand WHY certain of its provisions are so offensive and dangerous.

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Please Save us from SaVE!

There are lots of reasons that Title IX activists should be working to stop the Campus Sex Violence Elimination Act (SaVE) from taking effect. This law was snuck in as part of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) re-authorization and now it’s time to take a much closer look.

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